Fuck Yeah Haven
Fuck Yeah Haven
Haven is a supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid. It stars actors Emily Rose (Audrey Parker), Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos), and Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker). For more information about the show and to watch the episodes go to http://www.syfy.com/haven/

FYH is NOT spoiler free!

Audrey (“noble strength”) & Nathan ( “gift from god”) |  Colors


Thanks to Matt Mitovich from TVLine we have the first Haven Season 5 pics. Check out the full article and exclusive photos here (x) !!!

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge [x]

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge [x]

Haven S5 Premiere Date


Hi Tumblr people! We’ve gotten a lot of questions as to when the Season 5 premiere date is, and it’s as frustrating for us as it is for you not to know. The fans will know as soon as we know. We want you to know that we’re not withholding the info from you. The same goes for the S5 trailer. BUT!…

Anonymous Message: that post from bresalvatoreskywalker is a repost of multiple people's edits :(

GOOD Afternoon! sorry for the hella late reply.

Awah, sorry I didn’t know! Thanks for telling me, though I have no idea who the original makers are either :(

I’ll leave this one on the blog since i feel bad for sharing then deleting? which isn’t nice…especially if they received many notes (despite it being reposts) i understand that it’s not theirs but they were just excited to share with everybody? This happens all the time but that doesn’t mean the sharer should have left out the credits either .

Many people who repost without crediting, either don’t realize they didn’t and they’re not trying to hurt the owner on purpose either. OOPS SORRY (adds credit when told). Okay, the blogger fixed their mistake and they linked to the orig. edit. BY THIS TIME, it’s probably already too late to notice the updated information in the text since the orig. repost has been shared so many times already.

However, reposters who do “share” knowing full well they need to credit *and they believe they shouldn’t have to*, but they still don’t, and this is when it becomes not okay.

I personally, have been so busy with RL life situations, that I haven’t checked the Haven tags recently which gives a lot of room for me to miss who the original edits were. Which also gives my 2 other admins room to miss the original edits. 

There’s just SO MANY graphics in each fandom out there that aren’t properly credited, it’s a maze to find out who it is. I’ll be more careful in the future, though I do need help from the original owners? :D

I personally make graphics myself, and yeah, I’d be upset if I saw something of mine (which I have) reposted, buut at the same time I know this kind of thing is going to happen? That’s part of the contract you make when you post a photoset on Tumblr (very sad but it happens frequently). This shouldn’t happen, but it does.

The ‘sharer’ needs to credit the orig. edit every time. Graphic makers assume their edits will not be shared, since that is common courtesy (and a diss to them if you do without credit.). 

HOURS or DAYS are put into making “simple” looking edit. It is quite a lot of work that goes into making it look the way it does.

When you do not link to the orignal edit, or hell, REBLOG the edit, you are hurting the orig. notes and the visitors they receive because the “sharer” took away the spot light. 


However, if reposting then be very sure that the original maker gets credit as well! Reposting is not the same thing as “sharing”.

REPOST  REBLOG (this goes for every fandom, not just Haven)

I my defense, we just re-blog, that’s what we do with this blog, is share people’s edits ^.^ We’re not the original edits police, I (personally) don’t go into much detail about ownership (I’m sorry, I really am).

I get that I should delete that entry, but how many other times have myself and my 2 other admins reblogged something having no idea it was a repost? Probably many times, sadly. 

If the original makers link to me, I will definitely share the original edit <3 

You can contact me on my personal blog, or here on FuckYeahHaven!

~Mel (primary admin that has been M.I.A. recently)

PS: I’m not very fond of anon because I can’t reply just between us :/ 

The person mentioned, is not a bad person, so please don’t hate on them. Just don’t. There’s a reason I don’t like anon and this is ther eason, but i made too long of an explanation to ~not remind people this still happens. 

So yeah, don’t have to reblog, but just take notice it’s not just 1 person but MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE GUILTY OF THIS. 


30 Days of Haven: Day 13 - A scene that makes you sad.

302: Stay.

"Are you sure you can look after this dog well?" - Audrey Parker.


I’m gonna get a heart attack with all of these feels!!! They are such an amazing couple!!!!